Monday, October 11, 2010

Beautiful Curls on a 4 Fine Haired A-B

So as you all know  I love testing products on any and everyone . I am also a believer of hair type and care can be universal especially dealing with a curlier or kinky hair   I used the same products I used on a 3 A-B hair type . My friend  has been natural 2 years now and Ive been doing her hair almost the same amount of time . Her texture is very fine and easily damaged. I try to keep her in protective styles as much as possible because if you look at her hair wrong it will fall out.  I also had to realize that when I do twists on her , I have to do them very small or medium because of her hair ,.if I make them too big then its very scalpy.  I used the Beautiful Curls Leave in Conditioner and the Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream.   I almost wanted to do a wash and go on her because her hair was so well defined after shingling the curl activating cream in but she wouldn't know the first thing about the upkeep so  I did some small twists, and twist out in the back and several flat twists on one side.

                                                        Before washing
                                         Leave in Conditioner and Shea Butter Curl Activating Cream
                                                            Flat Twists and Twistout
                                                           Twistout in back


alethean memoir said...
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alethean said...

My hair is a bit like this--not the curl pattern, but the whole thin-haired, scalpy twist thing. I have to spend hours making small twists but they frizz up really fast, so I end up having to taken them down earlier than I planned. But I need it in some sort of protective style or my hair will die (well, it's already dead, but you know what I mean). Recommendations?

Ohhh, and I'm the one who deleted the comment earlier. Made a mistake. Sorry.

Shawnystheone said...

Hi Alethean, what are you using to twist your hair with? I find if you find something really great it helps keep the frizz down.

Do you mean style wise or product wise?

Precious E. Henshaw said...

this came out very nicely! well done

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