Sunday, October 3, 2010

Beautiful Curls on a 3 A-B- UPDATED

 A friend of mine has naturally curly hair, she usually shampoos her hair twice a week and uses leave in conditioner as her styler.  She is my test dummy for looser type hairs whenever I get a new product.  I tried the Beautiful Curls Leave in Conditioner and the  Curl Activating Cream tonight.  She recently dyed her hair and commented that since that her hair is drier than usual. I used the Shea Butter Beautiful Curls on her because  she needs some additional moisture and I'm curious to see how well it conditions her hair.  She likes that wet look and I'm not sure shes going to have any hold at all from the Curl Activating Cream but her hair feels really nice so far.  I will post pictures in the morning of the final outcome before she styles but here are some pre- pictures.

                                                        Dry prior to washing
After being in a ponytail

                                           Her hair sectioned off after shampoo'n
                                       Her hair with the Beautiful Curls Leave In Conditioner

                                          The next morning,  hair is still slightly damp
                                          Hmm , lets see how it holds up during the day

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