Thursday, September 16, 2010

What does a sister have to do in order to get her hair like this?

I am in serious hair envy right now. Stretched my hair is approaching arm pit level in the back and sides and my bang is top the top of my lip. I NEED 6 inches of hair , where CAN I get 6 more inches of hair?? I have put myself on a loosely modified crown and glory method for the fall , winter and early spring. I have plans on keeping my hair protected for a long time. I cant wait until my hair is this big when stretched. I want my hair to evolve enough to eclipse the sun when I'm walking. I'm not into extreme long hair but these two heads of hair right here, is EXACTLY where I want my hair to be. I am so excited because this is an actual hair goal for me. I don't need bra strap length hair. I just love BIGNESS , not length. Can you tell I'm excited????


Alana said...

lol @ I NEED 6 inches of hair , where CAN I get 6 more inches of hair

I wish that I could get some extensions. I cant afford them right now

Shawnystheone said...

Girl you better go on, buy you two packs of hair and work it out!

They have a great tutorial on there, when I actually watched it , I was amazed at how easy it is. Its just time consuming to say the least doing it yourself.

where you do live?

zainab1 said...

Great post!!...I'm with you My goal is not so much length ...My goal is BIG healthy hair:)..I heart big hair !!!

I'm getting there:) I am going just allow it get bigger and bigger.

Take care.


LaToya said...

i WISH my hair would ever look like that.

Lakeisha said...

I'm with you on big hair. I always tell my friends I want healthy, big, obnoxious, block people out of pictures!!!

questfortheperfectcurl said...

Girl, who you tellin...I want big hair NOW! Good luck with the C&G technique, I'm too scared to put my hair in braids because I've never had them. I was thinking of buying the Afro Detangler to use as a LI.

NaturalDezign said...

Lol @ Lakeisha that's what I'm always saying. I just want big obnoxious healthy hair. That way if someome pisses me off as I walk away I'm slapping them with my bush.

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