Friday, September 24, 2010

Play Pretty Beauty: Nohea Ani Whipped Body Butter Creme & Shea sugar Scrub

There is nothing more sexy to me than getting out of the shower and slathering a whipped body butter on.  I think it leads to a relaxing atmosphere.  I adore body butters, sugar scrubs, body lathers and what could be better than for it to be natural. I was given some goodies to try out today and boy do they smell YUMMY!

The Whipped body Butter Creme smell like peaches and cream, while the texture looks like firm whipped souffle. I cant wait to get home tonight to put some of this on. Its a sweet smell but not overly so. I put some on my hands and  I love the sheen. As winter is approaching my skin takes a turn for the worse if I'm not careful enough to keep it hydrated.  It starts off itching and winds up bleeding because the weather is so harsh. What I usually do is bathe ,then apply a body butter  and follow it up with Oyin Handmade After Bath Blended body oil. My skin is excellent after that.

I love Sugar scrubs because they impart additional moisture after you finish bathing, sometimes the most luxurious feeling body washes feel great going on but after you rinse your skin still feels harsh. Well,  a sugar scrub can fix you up and set the pace for your additional moisture steps. The Shea Sugar scrub smells exactly like the Whipped Body Butter Creme however there is a twinge of the Shea coming thru.

 to be continued................

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Amina said...

ou la la!! Waiting impatiently for part 2 :)

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