Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kiss my Face Upper Management Styling Gel Update

Hi lovelies,

I posted a blog in June about this gel and totally forgot to update with my thoughts.Thanks Rhonda for reminding me to update this. I love the smell I have to admit , its very crisp and non lingering. It however is not clingy enough to work alone on my hair. I layered Kinky Curly over this because it smoothed onto my hair like a leave in conditioner would. I think for those of you that don't have to use a creamy leave in under a hard gel this would work best. For the price of this , it doesn't or cant touch the Kinky Curly. If I'm going to buy a gel then I have to admit I would stick to the Kinky Curly Curling Custard.

It does play nicely with a creamy butter for twists or braid outs. I mainly use gels for wash and gos because I don't need a gel to keep my twists in at all. If I happen to want the twists to stay in longer that's when I add a gel and I can see this gel working perfectly to keep your twists, soft supple and intact. For wash and gos though, it didn't do it for my dense strands.

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Rhonda McKnight said...

This gel is great for twists. I have fine hair and my twist loosen up all the time. I've been using bobby pins to keep them together at the roots. Now I use this with a twisting creme and it gives me great hold and no frizz. Frizz and puffy roots mess up my twist outs, but using this gel takes care of the problem.

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