Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Uncle Funkys Daughter: Good Hair Leave- In

I've been hearing the name Uncle Funkys Daughter for about a year now. There was a little discussion about them bootlegging some known natural hair products already out. I haven't tried any of their hair products as of yet so I cant speak on it . I'm kind of turned off by their prices to be honest. There are times when I have no problem shelling out money , such as my Qhemet Biologics products, however QB products last well over a year so I know I'm investing in a well paid product buy.

I recently swapped with a young lady on NaturallyCurly for a bottle of Good Hair. This is a Conditioning Styling Creme so the bottle says. I'm vastly disappointed because for the price of this bottle in my view it should be a lot bigger than what it is. I keep staring at the bottle , saying to myself " Are they kidding"? On the website its listed as $18.00 for 8ozs. Ive been opening the bottle staring at the texture and wondering is it concentrated? It has to be , theres no way in the world this little bottle cant be concentrated. Anything that's labeled as a leave in that can also be a styler has to be able to cover my whole head.

I'm curious as heck to try this out.

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