Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wonder Curl Get Set Jelly

Well it looks like another hair Jelly is making the rounds of the forums. I have seen several inquiries on whether anyone had tried it yet. I didn't decided to try it myself until I saw this review . I said, " What the heck " and went for it. I was happy to see the creator of the line was local to me. I placed my order and received a phone call where we coordinated to meet . Scarlett seems to be a nice young lady and very soft spoken. We didn't get a chance to speak as I was driving home but hopefully in the future I might get another chance to talk to her.

I got home , cowashed my hair , applied the GET SLICK HAIR SMOOTHIE , which was the consistency of a watery lotion. It absorbed really well into my hair and I then followed it up with my 2oz sample of the Get Set Jelly. As the product was going on , my hair felt like I was adding a curl activator gel. My hair felt very smooth and silky to the touch. It started drying immediately, that was an interesting thing to see as my hair really takes a long time to dry with any product.

This morning my hair isn't hard to the touch , yet my hair hasn't curled or coiled up like it normally does with other stylers. I dont mind the afroish look that I have going on but I don't think I could get more than one day out of this jelly unless I rinsed my hair again tonight. So the jury is still out on the product. A plus for me is being able to pick the product up locally. I liked the fact that the smoothie and the jelly absorbed into my hair as quickly as it did. I could see me using this as a leave in under my flax seed gel for a great wash and go.

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