Friday, May 21, 2010


I try and support as many black owned businesses as I can. If I like the idea and drive behind a small business , I will try and spread things by word of mouth, Facebook , my online friends , forums etc. I try not to knock anyone's hustle to succeed.

The natural online community is a network and anyone standing out you tend to " e-hear about". Well, I've seen some YouTube videos of Black Onyx. Her style, her hair journeys ups and down. It looks like she's doing her thing. Her site has a plethora of jewelry , earrings and her product line.

There has been a discussion of her product and not including full ingredients and such. As a person with no known allergic reactions I decided to purchase the Shea-Yogurt Moisturizer and the Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner. When the Shea-Yogurt arrived I was expecting a Shea- Aloe blend. To my eye and touch I can't see any type of water content added to this product, it smells of pure Shea butter with a tad bit of fragrance. It looks like pure Shea butter that's been whipped. It feels like pure Shea butter to me. In my honest view, it's not a product that stands out. I might as well have used plain Shea butter on my hair. I used it to do a braid out , that I converted to a twist out. If you're interested then by all means try it but for me it wasn't what I expected.

The Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner I'm still playing around with but so far its very light , it works well under a styler , its sets the style to go into a wash and go. I want to test it for twist outs and braid outs so I will do a later post on it . All in all would I repurchase no, but in the end I still give my shout out for this young lady doing her "thang".

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G said...

I have been curious about her products. Thanks for your honest review.

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