Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pondering starting an online ETSY shop

Ive always loved to make products, mainly body butters, and hair gels, as well as hair butters. Ive been mixing on and off for about 2 years. Well, I am seriously thinking about opening an ETSY shop but I have a little hesitation. I was going over the idea with my cousin and he was all excited thinking of names and things to do. I would need a name, which I have no idea of , and a logo, which I sort of have an idea and then labels and such.

It seems a lot but at the same time I'm really thinking I could get this started. I need some insight ya'll , throw me some ideas about what you think ? In the back of my mind I always wanted a store front in my local neighborhood that catered to natural women with consultations, answering questions and providing them the best all natural products on the market.

Who knows, maybe an ETSY shop is the start of the dream?


Angelique said...

Ok etsy is my place I LOVE etsy. Since I am a PJ you build it and I will come a buying. And since I estalk your opinions in nappturality I know the stuff will be great.

Shawnystheone said...

For some odd reason Im scared to dickens, Im just trying to think what can I offer that someone else isnt offering yanno?

There can only be so many shealoe mixtures, and creamy creams, and shampoos, etc..

I know that most people can make anything in their own kitchen so will or can I take the step from hobby to actual business.

Thanks Angelique for your good wishes, hopefully I can make my darn mind up lol

Amina said...

OMG!! I've been waiting to read this since I tried your products!! I will totally buy it, blog about it, distribute flyers around my town! Go for it!!
Like you, I've been thinking of doing it but I am so scared. Fear can be paralysing!!
Lysandra from Darcy's Botanicals was saying that there is room for everyone to shine.
Even if you think you're not offering something new which is wrong because I've tried your stuff (I miss that ucuuba pomade you made),you can stand out with other aspects. For instance, customer service, labels, samples, fast shipping, or things like a club. Deshawnmarie has a soap club where you basically pay 6 bucks every month and get a soap in thee mail every month as well as samples of her new creations. I say go for it!!

Shawnystheone said...

I'm dreaming in my head so hopefully that will come to fruition!!!

Ms-gg said...

I say go for it too! One thing about beauty products and the hair industry is that it is a multi-billion dollar industry! And you know who the main buyers of the hair products are... So that means there is more than one shampoo, more than one conditioner, more than one stale mineral oil filled hair grease...

I say go for it!

Shawnystheone said...

Well GG, Im really thinking about it , sending out samples, getting feedback, Im shooting for an Sept/Oct launch

Im going to use the name of my blog for the etsy site, Im ordering more jars, trying design labels , soooo hopefully I can start off slowly offering 2, and 4 , and 8 oz sizes and then after a stable time frame see whats the general feedback.

wish me luck!!!

N said...

I say do it!!!

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