Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Hairveda New Deep Conditioner: Acai Berry PHYTO

Ive always been a big fan of Hairveda and in the past have bought everything made! I loved their line up ,however I now only have one staple from them and as you know that is the Cocasta oil. I love that stuff , well the SitrniNillah Mask was my staple deep conditioner until Darcy Botanical Deep conditioning Mask knocked it out the ballpark.

I see Hairveda has in the works a new deep conditioner that is coming in late April. Stay tuned... since purchasing my steamer all my deep conditioners work like magic so I might be open to buying this


LaToya said...

I love Hairveda products as well especially the SitriNillah and Cocasta oil, but lately I'm loving Darcy's products. The Deep conditioning mask is next on my list.

KP said...

I'm gonna be looking out for your review should you buy this. It looks interesting.

Acai said...

The Acai Berry in its' natural form has an extremely short shelf life. Further about eighty-ninety percent of the berry is made up of seed and the inner pit. It is remaining pulp that is used and where the benefits are found. When the Acai Berry is harvested the ten to twenty percent of usable pulp is quickly ground into a puree which is then used as the basis for almost all the Acai Berry products made.

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