Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Deep conditioning Cap GiveAway

I feel that deep conditioning is one of the best things a natural can do when struggling with moisture retention. Its the one elusive thing that can drive you nuts when all you want is your hair to be soft and touchable.

I was lucky enough to purchase a steamer last august and I have to say it is a luxury that I love for my hair. It gives me my own " me time" and yet allows me to pamper my hair. What natural could ask for more?

Well I was really paranoid that my steamer was acting up. I reached out to the company who was more than gracious enough to tell me to send it back to them for fixing. I was wondering how I would get around to it , when a friend of mine came over and fixed the issue for me. In the meantime I bought a deep conditioning cap for back up and never got around to using it. If you're interested in where I received my steamer from here is the link For my birthday I think I'm going to upgrade to the newer model.

So I decided why not give it away to someone so that they could try it out for themselves.
This giveaway will run until April 15, 2010, as before the only stipulation is that you are subscribed to my blog and you leave a comment on what good you think deep conditioning can do for you and what interests you about the deep conditioning cap
Thank you
UPDATE: Ive decided to give away two conditioning caps instead of one. I have been reading a lot of forums lately and getting conditioners to penetrate and impact softness seems to be one of the hardest things so what the heck.


Moni said...

I'm a subscriber! I love deep conditioning because it strengthens, softens, and moisturizes my hair, preparing it for the week ahead. I would love to have the conditioning cap because it would really intensify my DC's and help them to penetrate more.

Nika said...

Deep conditioning treatments are a must for my hair. They allow the conditioner to penetrate more deeply making my hair supple and more manageable. When I do deep conditioning treatments my hair holds moisture longer and is easier to detangle, shine is kicked up a bit as well. I'd love the conditioning cap because it seems very convenient to use which will equal me doing DC treatments more often which can only help. Thanks for doing this!


Amina said...

I am a subscriber too! I love deep conditioning because it helps me with moisture and I get to take some time for myself and relax :)
with the conditioning cap, I'll be able to deep condition while grading essays or studying :)

FindingMe said...

Please enter me! I am a subscriber! I love the way my hair feels so moisturized, conditioned, soft, shiny and smooth after a good deep conditioning treatment.

I'm interested in your cap bc it's electric and plugs into the wall and will retain heat for the duration of the treatment!!!

Right now I have one of those caps that has the liquid packs that you put into the microwave and if it doesn't come out scalding in one area and lukewarm in another, I basically get about 5-10 min of heat before it dissipates and is no better than having my head covered by a towel. I do think that the way my cap performs keeps me from doing the DC as much/often as I should.

Even if I don't win,I'd be interested in knowing where you purchased you cap and for how much! Thanks!! YOU ROCK!

Juliana said...
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Juliana said...

I am a subscriber. I love deep conditioning because it really moisturizes my hair and that is where I have failed for so many years in terms of healthy hair care. A deep conditioning cap would allow better penetration of the nutrients and since i am in braids 98% of the year when I take them down my hair needs as much nutrients as possible.

TejKaur said...

I'm a subscriber... I deep condition weekly because going thru the change my hair is super dry. Right now I'm using dry heat hard cover dryer and it's not the same. Would love to have a heating cap as mine blew out, literaly and zapped me in the neck (lol). Anyway, thanks for this giveaway. Very nice of you

cassadie said...

I'm a subscriber!

I do deep conditioners weekly, but my main problem is getting the moisture to get into my hair and stay there. Why? Extreeeeemly low porosity. Using heat as a part of the deep conditioning process is essential for me to open up my cuticle and get my hair to absorb the moisture it needs. Therefore, I always find myself performing acrobatics on the edge of my bed with a blowdryer to keep my arms from going numb while I deep condition :-/

So while, I would LOVE to continue to tone my arms while deep conditioning, I would also love to stop. And I think the heating cap would allow me to do JUST THAT!

Thanks for the giveaway!


HoneySugak0k0 said...

Hey girly its your subbi and NP friend here! I deep condition because it really seems to soften my hair and aid in helping my hair retain moisture. Also, I notice when my hair is super conditioned, my coils bounce more and have much more life. I don't have a heating cap or anything so I do my deep conditioning before I wash. I just add some oil to my hair and a little Aubrey Organics, put on a plastic cap, cover my head, and go to bed. I find that leaving it on for lengthily time kinda works the same, but I Lord knows I would like to cut down on the time I do my hair!

Keep up the good work on your blog!

Robyn's Nest said...

I am a current transitioner (going on 7 months!) and I have always been in LOVE with deep conditioning. My hair is so soft and manageable after a deep conditioning treatment, that I have started doing it every week! I have also been known to sleep with my conditioner in all night! Now, that I am married, I don't think that is the sexiest way to sleep with hubby!!!

So, I am definitely interested in entering for a chance to win one of your conditioning caps! This would eliminate the need to sleep with my conditioner in all night, since the dryer and I do not get along!!! I think our love/hate relationship stems from the almost 3 hours I had to sit under it to dry my relaxed hair! URGH!!!

Great Giveaway!!!

chichichilolo said...

I am a subscriber! Deep conditioning is the best thing that can happen to my hair! without it, I'd be crying everyday. It softens my hair, I mean baby soft. And the protein + mayonnaise strengthens my hair. I use just a shower cap though :(. The deep conditioning cap will allow me add heat to my process, and so I wont have to hold a blow dryer over my shower cap...I always give up in like 10 seconds.

My said...

Deep conditioning is great for my hair because it really helps keep it soft, my ends feel better, and it helps with retaining moisture. I notice a huge difference in how soft my hair feels when I deep condition compared to when I do. My ends feel more pliable and softer. I don't have to pay as much attention to them when I deep condition. My hair also holds onto moisture a little longer when I deep condition. Deep conditioning was a must for me when I wore my hair loose because my hair would dry out so fast.

The deep conditioning cap interests me because it will make deep conditioning more convenient. Right now I have a hood dryer, but the only place in the house that I can use it disturbs others. The vanity in my mother's bedroom is the perfect height for the dryer and I don't want to invade her space. I also love the idea of being able to sit someplace more comfortable while I deep condition. I would also deep condition more often if I had a cap.

I have subscribed.

Shaqjak said...

I am subscribed!
I feel that deep conditioning is very beneficial because it helps bring your curls back to life and puts the "love" you may have been slacking during the week back into your hair. What I mean by that is, maybe you have been slacking during the week, maybe you've been busy and forgot to take the time to take care of your hair maybe ignoring it and at the end of the week your hair feels like straw, not moisturized and thirsty. Deep conditioning helps put by giving it back the moisturizing it missed during the week and more. Your hair thanks you for that and springs back to life. That why I feel that deep conditioning is a way of giving you hair some love, instead of abusing it. It's like giving you body a hot bath after a long day of work. You body will thank you and so will you hair.

I am interested in the deep conditioning cap because right now, when I deep condition I put the deep conditioner on then a plastic cap and then I take a fleece blanket and wrap it around that... i find that it keeps the heat your body creates in and when i take it off my hair feels moisturized and so soft. I feel that like the heat of your bath helps restore your body, the heat with the deep conditioner helps restore you hair. So if a warm bath (a deep condition with a fleece blanket) can do that, a nice hot bath ( with the deep conditioning cap) could benefit my hair so much more.

Thanks for the contest!

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