Thursday, January 28, 2010

Whats my hair type?

When you first entertain the thoughts of going natural , most women have this question in mind. You see all the marketing on television , magazines and in the media with all these women with "textured hair" and wonder what yours will look like.

You only have google natural hair in a search engine and become overwhelmed by the depth of information out there. I myself was misguided by looking at Carols Daughter in 2006. I saw Lisa Price and Jada Pickett giving information on what products worked for them. I said heck well let me buy these products and my hair will look like theirs. I didn't grasp the fact that their hair texture is different then mine because honestly no one explained each head of hair is different. It took me awhile to figure out this.

I transitioned 2007-2008 by wearing weaves and braids. I would clip my hair after taking it out and going about my business. I made my own products and on occasion I would order something online if I read online with great reviews. I didn't know jack about definition , or clumping or , curl pop.I purchased some Curly Pudding from Miss Jessie's and did twists, I assumed that's what I could do with it. My hair was a hot purple mess. So I started researching and wound up on Nappturality. It felt like home and lo and behold I was nominated to be Napptural of the Month starting off the year 2009.

My styling techniques were strictly twists, twist outs, and braids. I didn't know my hair could do anything else. I read and researched and started to see trends about hair typing. I knew for myself I didn't want to fall into the trap of wanting my hair to look like someone elses with a looser trap. I am and was quite happy with my type 4 hair. As I slowly started my hair routine I noticed my hair was curly. I was like cool, did I shout to the world no, I just kept it moving . Oddly it rubs me wrong when I wear my hair in a wash and go and people take notice. I'd rather you tell me you love my hair as it looks like a cloud of cotton , then clumps of curls.

It does pain me though to see women get caught up in hair typing and longing for curls like other naturals. The world has changed in many ways but for women of the diaspora its a struggle for us with our hair. It always has been. Speaking for myself, I love weaves and braids. Its a chance to give myself a break from daily styling but theres nothing like running my fingers throughout my own head and feeling how good it is that it is all mine.

I just hope that if you discover once you're fully natural that your hair doesn't curl and doesn't clump and doesn't define , you don't get disappointed because God made you and God doesn't make mistakes.

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