Friday, January 15, 2010

Tips from Komaza Care

1. Watering your hair daily or every other day is crucial. This does not mean washing your hair but merely wetting it. Water is the best moisture for our hair. Water also acts as a toner for hair products. It helps bring hair products further into the hair shaft this way products won’t weigh your hair down. So you should always apply hair products to damp hair for wash and go styles.
If you live in colder climate and not too happy about leaving the house with wet hair then we suggest wetting your hair then adding products when you get home. Remember braiding or twisting hair at bedtime makes for easy grooming the next day.

2. Get to know and accept your hair texture. Most natural hair care products are not designed to change your hair texture, however, make it more manageable and offer your hair essentials to encourage healthy growth.

3. When applying hair products it is best to work in the product by finger combing your hair. This way you are also training your hair. When purchasing your hair products be sure to buy a water base product such as hair lotions or sprays and a moisture sealant which are oil based products such as hair oils, balms or butters. Always use the moisturizer before the moisture sealant.

4. Do NOT use bristle brushes, especially, if you have tightly coiled hair. This will weaken and cause your hair break. Use a wide toothed comb, a paddle/wig brush, or finger comb. On average we shed up to 100 stands of hair daily so it is important to groom hair. Remember to start grooming from your ends to scalp.

5. It is important to keep a clean scalp. Washing your hair 1-2 times a week is excellent! Natural shampoos are not as effective to remove cones from hair. You may have to wash hair twice if using a natural shampoo and products with dimethicone.

6. Shrinkage is normal for our type hair. The best way to combat shrinkage is preparation. A braid or twist out are great styles for African American hair. If you can’t find the time then you may want to look into a gel type of products which will only minimize shrinkage.

7. Wear a silk or satin scarf to bed. This will protect your hair and stop it from breaking and drying out. A satin pillow case will do as well.

8. Love your hair in all its glory. If your hair is healthy then it is beautiful!


Amina said...

great tips!! taking notes :)

caribbelle said...

you would think that after being natural for almost 4 years, all of this would be routine, but nope I got lazy and stopped wearing a scarf and moisturizing. Just did a mini chop and I'm happy about the thick napps I have now. Can't wait to henna this weekend.

Shawnystheone said...

Caribbelle, you are so right. Sometimes you get into a groove and take the little things for granted. Then you have to go back and figure out what you missed when your hair doesnt feel like it used too.

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