Monday, January 11, 2010

Never loose and wet....gone gone gone!!

I was a big follower of the never loose and wet, what I didnt realize is I can never wash my hair loose and expect it not to hurt. I have to section my hair into four parts. Two in the front and two in the back to wash, style and clean.

I prepoo in those sections , I wash in those sections and finally I style in those sections. I have gotten my hair clean day downpat like noones business. My hair doesnt hurt anymore when I wash and it doesnt tangle as much. I never was a big detangler but its even easier for me now. I can either wear my hair semi shrunken , or keep it as stretched as I want . Its up to me.

I use my Qhemets Detangling Ghee on the iffy spots and detangle with my fingers! Thats it.


Lion-ess said...

I'll need to remember to section my hair. I'm currently in the process of taking down my locs.

So I've been checking out your blog alot to learn more about caring for natural hair etc.

So much I didn't know before.

Excited nonetheless.

Shawnystheone said...

Oh wow, what a great new Journey. You have to let me know how it goes. My friend Amina went thru the process recently. Have you checked her blog out? She can give you tons of information.

please keep me updated!!

Bejai1962 said...

This was one of the greatest bits of information I learned during my transition. I do the same thing only with six sections, two in front and four in the back, it makes life so much easier.

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