Monday, January 11, 2010

Its been awhile but I'm back

I havent blogged in awhile because of the holidays and honestly just plumb at a loss what to do about my hair. Im at that dreaded in between stage. I'm almost Arm Pit Length in the sides and back and yet still at my nose with my bang area.

Its causing my twistouts to look a hot mess, so in the last month or so I have perfected my washngo in the WINTER. Its a big deal because I always loved to cowash however NJ weather didnt love me. Well lo and behold I figured out how to cowash at night , not mush my hair and to still keep it defined.

Posts coming soon will have my " definition of a nappy". I'm a 4 type all the way. I prefer my clouds of puffs then my curl coils most of the time because its quite tiring to hear all the ado about it. You never get that when my hair looks unpatterned so I love for people to exclaim " Wow I didnt expect it to be that soft".

I've discovere some new products and websites to share with you all , so please look forward to it.

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