Monday, January 11, 2010

Aubrey Organics Conditioners revamped as Pre-poos

Im sure you all have tried Aubrey Organics Conditioners at one time or another. Its easily gotten on ground at a lot of natural food stores. I used to purchase mine at Whole Foods but discovered that I could get them much cheaper at Vitamin Shoppe and not have to worry about shipping. What more could a product junkie ask for?

I have never tried the conditioners as a cowash because I dislike diluting my products. I want the full strength of the product. I used to use them on wet hair for deep conditioning. Looking at the product and actually reading the bottle it states to use on DRY hair for deeper conditioning.

Prior to a henna I usually pre-poo , so one day I decided to use my Honeysuckle Rose on dry hair overnight. Well let me tell you , my hair felt like butter, BEFORE I even rinsed. I thought that thickness of the conditioner would make it hard to penetrate but what I noticed is , the conditioner soaked into my hair in less than 30 minutes. I could tell because my hair went from a creamy color to its dark brown without any additional rubbing than to put it on each section.

I havent looked back since, If I decide to try any of the other conditioners I will stick to using them as a prepoo. so far in my line up I have Island Conditioner, Jojoba&Aloe Desert Herb and the White Camellia Conditioner.

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