Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What cant I do without for my hair?

Henna, Qhemets Detangling Ghee, Hesh Ayurvedic Herbs and Powders, Hairvedas Cocasta Shikakai oil, my fotki account , my Nappturality subscription, my steamer, my bentonite clay, Myashas Honeydew Treatment , Qhemets Amla and Olive Heavy Cream, and Amla Pomade.

Thats it. When you look at this its actually not a lot even in the least bit. Everything else I own or have purchased is the frosting on the cake.

runners up Myashas Main Attraction, Sheamoisture Leave in , Afro Detangler, Karens Hair Milk *, Taliah Waajids Protective Bodifier Mist

Disclaimer, this list is subject to change lol


natty said...

Yet, I still can't convince my husband that I don't need all that I have for my hair. Sigh.

You just reminded me...I need to henna soon. My grays are peeking out, lol.

Thanks for visiting!

Amina said...

great list!! our hair loves the same products!! I soo want to order from Asha but she still hasn't replied to my email..

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