Wednesday, November 4, 2009

She doesn't know but I stalk her just about everyday

I met a wonderful lady ( e-met). She has truly enhanced my life and makes being natural easier. She doesn't know it and she wont until she stumbles across this post but she has made me a better person. She always has a sweet word and a generous heart. Whenever she helps me with something I turn around and pass the help on to any newly natural or trying to go natural whose path I have come across. She has a wonderful blog , fotki and YouTube account. I'm not going to post her fotki and YouTube ( although I'm pretty sure everyone has come across it), however I will link to her blog.

" Finding the beauty within you is the greatest gift you can give yourself"

1 comment:

Amina said...

this made my day!!
aaaw...I had no idea and I am soo grateful and blessed to have emeet you too!!
You are such a wonderful person and soo kind!!!!!

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