Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Oil is not moisturizing and Shea Butter is not everyones Holy Grail

I have seen so many new naturals that assume that oil alone can moisturize their hair strands and that they must use Shea butter. That is not the end all of natural hair my fellow nappies. My hair strands cannot take straight up Shea butter . Its like putting grease on my scalp. My hair immediately is weighed down and yucky feeling. Shea butter for me has to be cut with aloe, sometimes I don't even add an oil into my shealoe because heck shea butter has oil properties. Oil, Shea butter and aloe vera gel/gelly/juice IS and CAN be a great moisturizing product, however I caution you to try it out in small batches and access how your hair feels after.

There is no way I can wash my hair and then add an oil on top of it and expect soft hair. It's not going to happen. I need to use a water based product geared for moisture first, then lightly seal my hair with oil. This only works for me in the summer and spring time. In the winter time living in NJ I have to moisturize my hair and then braid or twist it up to keep the moisture. Once it has sunk in overnight I can then unloosen the hair and go about my business.

Many curl defining products have either glycerin or a humentcant that is looking for moisture in the air to draw into your hair. If there is no moisture around well its going to draw it from your own strands until your hair is drier than the Sahara. A trick I have learned is to still use my glycerin products but seal with heavy oil when the hair is wet and then leave it alone. Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Milk is famous for not working in my hair in the winter. I simply moisturize with the Hair Milk and seal with Hairvedas Cocasta oil. Next day.... soft hair!

It's trial and error , you will hear this from every nappy out there. You must work with your hair and what works at one length may not work at another.

Ive found a lovely hair spritz that has not one ounce of glycerin in it. Taliah Waajids Protective Bodifier. I was ecstatic to learn it is being sold in certain CVS's. I suggest if you use spritz and are looking for one to help you out in the winter , pick this one up. The ingredients are: Pure Distilled Water, Wheat germ oil, Indian hemp, olive oil, balsam, aloe vera, bee pollen, silk protein, bay laurel, fruit bioflavonoids, anicent african herbal formula


natty said...

I bookmarked this post so I could come back to it. You know I don't even need to see this, lol! Good thing we don't have a CVS near (that I know of-yet ;)).

I saw your post on heat too. I like your stance. When I cut my hair to go to see a derm for a diagnosis on my scalp it was also after a few run-ins with a blow dryer and a flat iron and a "heat protecting" oil. I didn't realize I had so much hair until I had straightened it out. But all that hair was dried out by the heat. Even if I wasn't going to the derm and had wanted to keep it, it would have been a lot of work to maintain it while trying to grow healthier hair back. Sad to say, I had grown it out for five years (with all the two steps forward one steps back that entails) and had only straightened it about three or four times in about a month. But that was enough.

Shawnystheone said...

I totally understand you , you work so hard to maintain natural hair because frankly it needs soooo much more than our relaxed hair every did. I agree that yes, it is your hair but why chance it when our hair is so fragile

Amina said...

amen on this!! In Senegal, once a week, women do a hair mask with shea butter...that way it works for me..but as a daily moisturizer straight from the jar..no ma'am

the first fact had me smiling. When I went natural, I kept adding carol's daughter khoret amen oil to my hair but my hair was just an oily mess..so i'd put more and it never worked!!

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