Tuesday, November 3, 2009


My stance on using heat on my hair is its not going to happen. It's been a long journey to get to where I am. I'm not interested in hearing that if it's done correctly your napps shouldn't suffer. I am interested in weaves and sew-In's. To some that may be backwards, however why should I damage my own hair when I can easily get braids, or a sew-in to achieve a different look? I like how straight hair looks , I prefer curly hair on myself. I prefer my hair with texture. I let my Dominican cousin talk me into leaving my bang area out when I got a sew-in around 6 months ago, well there went 8 inches of hair in the front. I had to get my bang cut down to 3 inches. I couldn't stand staring at the straight ends. That was the one and only time for me. I can't let someone pressure me into doing something that I know I really don't want for my hair.

I'm growing and learning in this natural journey of mine and you will never see me with blown out hair , I don't care how low the setting or how much protectant is on my head, its not happening. I met a guy recently with a sew-in in my head and immediately let him know I'm 100% natural and I'm only wearing my hair like this for a challenge. Sadly, I had to educate him that natural doesn't mean bald. If a man can't accept my natural hair well I certainly can keep on my way.

With that being said, I will post slammin' pictures of any hairstyle that tickles my fancy. I admire HEALTHY hair but these hair strands on my head will only be tickled by my steamer

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Amina said...

same here!! no heat on my hair!!

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