Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Darcys Botanicals

I jumped on the Darcy Botanical's bang wagon mid 2009. I purchased just about everything this lovely lady made and honestly there wasn't a staple among any of them. Lysandra, the owner's, customer service is out of this world. She's down to earth and always responds to my emails. Her products had and have everything that I look for in a natural product. It just seemed as everything was either too light or too heavy for my hair.

I've purchased and tried Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme, Organic Butter Styling Pomade,Organic Tonga Bean Oil, and Juicy Peach Kernel Hairdressing Creme. The Tucuma Butter Moisture Whip, she also included a sample of Kalahari Melon seed Nectar. The Curly Coils Curling Jelly, the Eastern African Shea butter, Juicy peach kernel nectar oil, Coconut and Aloe moisture pudding and Palm Fruit and Cherry Kernel Butter as well as Coconut& raspberry seed hair pomade, Coconut passion fruit hair pomade, Coconut lemongrass transitioning Creme, Peach Kernel Milk, and a sample of Chocolate Ucuuba Butter Bar. The Madagascar Creme, Shea butter, Curling Jelly and pomades were my favorite out of the bunch but nothing wowed me to repurchase.

On 11/02/09 I received the Deep Conditioning Mask as well a Daily Leave in Conditioner in the fragrance Sweet Cream.

We might finally have a winner!!!!. The texture and the smell of the mask as well as the ingredients are a winner. I am deeply intrigued by the fact she included Bentonite Clay in the mask. I love Bentonite Clay, it softens my hair like no ones business! I tried the Daily Leave in conditioner out on my braids in the front of my sew-in and woke to soft hair that laid down really nice. If you get a chance please try out some of her stuff.

Her website address is http://darcysbotanicals.com/ , as well as her etsy site which is , http://www.etsy.com/shop/darcysbotanicals


Amina said...

aaaw..I am sorry none of her products were staples. I am still on the bandwagon :) the only product i wasn't feeling was the coconut aloe pudding..

Shawnystheone said...

I think thats changed with the Daily leave in conditioner and the hair mask , I might have to slowly get every daily in leave in to see how the scents are lolol

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