Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Spritz's, the real deal with this stuff

Spritzes have always baffled me, my hair strands together are like a forest and I never got the concept of using a spritz to moisturize hair. I kind of in the past flirted with the idea in the back of my head but I never thought about it until now, Spritzes only work on protective styles for me. I think its the case for other naturals as well. My hair mass is to thick for a thin stream of product to moisturize my out hair. I thought that maybe it was simply my hair type that was the problem. It is and it isn't. ITS the way I use the spritz that is the problem. I have used Oyins Juice & Berries for two years now and the only way I could get it to work was to add MyAsha's Hair Milk to it.

Well as I'm in kinky twists, I was lucky enough to get a bottle of Franks Juice from a nice young woman. I have only used this spritz and a little of Afrovedas Detangler mixed in. Well one of my kinky twists fell out and I touched the hair. I was totally thrown off. My hair felt like a piece of silk fabric. I was in awe. My hair has never felt like that before with just a spritz. At first I thought maybe it was just the difference between the Franks Juice and Juice & Berries but then I looked at the ingredients, nope only difference is the EO's and fragrance. I thought back to the last time I used a spritz, which was Giovanni's Vitapro fusion . The same thing happened. My braids felt silky and soft as all get out

So I started thinking , my hair is sectioned off and the spritz now has a chance to wrap better around my strands. It doesn't have to fight to drip down the strands of my hair.

If you've given up on spritzes , go back and give them a chance when you can. Try a different way of using it
Oyinhandmade has 3 type fragrances Franks Juice, Greg's Juice, Juice & Berries
Sweet Nature has 1 called Growth
Qhemet Biologics has 1 called Karkady Replenishing Mist
Njoi Creations has 1 called Herbal Spritz *
* havent tried this


Amina said...

spritzes don't usually work for me but on twists, they're great!
sweet by nature growth spritz is very lovely :)

mo said...

how often do you spritz when wearing twists or twist exts? daily?

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