Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Ode to Qhemet Biologics

I cant recommend Qhemet Biologics products enough, I will happily continue to purchase her products. Some people are allergic to the sulfur or MSM that is present so that is a warning to others. Her prices are in the top brackets for purchasing natural products and at first it put me off but this woman makes sure that her products has the top ingredients in everything that she makes. If I'm going to put something in my hair and have the creator claim it to be natural , I'd rather go with someone who puts as much love , dedication and time as I would myself. I have every product she currently makes except for the Wheat grass Cleansing Tea, I have no urge to try it at all. I have even got a chance to sample some of her discontinued products in my natural journey. I never been disappointed with any shipments or packages I have received. I am a number one FAN.

  1. Honeybush Tea Soft hold gel, this gel feels moisturizing from the touch alone, I haven't had a full chance to get the benefits of it because I was put off by the almost watery consistency. I have been told the resulting use of this and the Amla & Olive Heavy Cream is out of this world.

  2. Amla& Olive Heavy Cream, this cream is the mother of them all, very thick, its so thick I have to make sure I emulsify it in my hands first before I put in it my hair or thin it down with some Burdock root butter cream

  3. Burdock Root Butter Cream, this is a lighter cream and geared for finer nappy's, I use it as a second day refresher for my twists, or to thin down the Amla& Olive Heavy cream.

  4. Tea tree& Grapeseed Pomade, I use this when I have the itchies or if there is a sore spot anywhere on my scalp. It works like a charm

  5. Amla Oil Pomade, I love this pomade. I use it for my twists and sometimes to smooth over already finished twists. It is very nourishing and keeps my hair supple

  6. Cocoa Tree Detangling Ghee, Ahhh if I need to detangle my hair this is where I go. I just finger part my hair, take a bit out and rub it thru my hair . Instant Softness

  7. Castor & Moringa Serum, this oil is very thick and luscious. I have always used it to do twists however an oil rinse, pre shampoo treatment or even as a deep conditioner will work

  8. Indian Macassar Conditioning oil , this oil is lighter than the Castor oil serum yet works just as well in keeping moisture sealed in

  9. Karkady Tea Replenishing Mist, this is by far my favorite spritz, it keeps my hair soft and supple

  10. Olive&Honey Hydrating Balm , this goes hand in hand with the Amla & Olive Heavy cream for me, especially when I do twists. This last a long time because you only need a tad bit of it to work , it also works well as a leave in right after washing your hair

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Amina said...

:) I love me some Qhemet!!!!
CTDG is a must have for me!!

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