Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hair Steamer

A hair steamer is used to open the hair`s cuticle during certain treatments such as conditioning so the product will enter the cortex of the hair. Steamer uses moist heat to open the hair shaft/cuticle once open, moisture and the goodness in your deep conditioner can penetrate better! Results in soft, moisturized hair. Steaming also helps with circulation on your scalp enabling healthy hair growth and also helps with dandruff and dry scalp. If you henna, a steamer will help the dying process go faster and will prevent the dryness that some people report after henna.

I have seen several sites that range from $139.95- $1400 plus. I'm looking to get mine in September. I think I will order it from here http://salonsrus.com/shopnow//catalog/index.php?cPath=43&osCsid=d83a96362102e7661db433bda1101380

Anyone that has one and has used it please let a sister know how you like it.

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Amina said...

I am thinking of getting one...

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