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Alep is the last living soap on the market today. How a soap can be alive? Its secret lies on its ancient processing method that has been preserved over two thousend years in its town of origin, Alep in ex-mesopotania. Alep soap is the ancestor of the hard soap and is brought back to our modern civilization thanks to Karawan Authentic, a French company that owns a traditional soap workshop in Alep.

Karawan Authentic is one of the rare soap makers that continue to follow the tradition by the letter. Their soaps are still handcrafted exclusiveley with pure organically grown unrefined cold expressed olive oil and bay tree oil (No coconut or palm oil!). The soaps are then slowly dried in the open air for over 9 months. This ancestral method preserves the living properties of the oils and makes a long lasting soap

Alep soap represents two thousand years of culture and history. It is known for being the ancestor of hard soap. Through centuries, the original processing method has been transmitted through generations in its town of origin: Alep, in ex-Mesopotamia.

Alep is a little town located on the ancient Silk Roads. Thanks to trade crossings, Alep soap has crossed the Mediterranean sea and has been imported into Italy, Spain and France where the first European soap manufactures appeared a couple of centuries later

Karawan Authentic, a Alep soap manufacturer, chooses its olive oil in December. It is when the master soap makers produce Alep soap following an old-age ancestral method. Olive oil, bay tree oil, water and soda are mixed together and left to cook slowly at low temperature in copper cauldrons for 24 hours.

The mixture is then poured out in great slabs and left to cold. It is then hand-cut into rough blocks. The blocks are stacked to dry and mature for over nine months under an arched drying area of the soap workshop.

Thanks to the low heat and slow drying process, Alep soaps last very long and the living properties of the oils are preserved

Alep soap is 100% natural and vegan. It is totally free of: preservatives, synthetic components, artificial coloring or fragrance, fillers, petrochemicals, PGE, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc

I know Qhemet Biologics used to offer Soap of Alep , has anyone else tried Alep?

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Amina said...

see, I did the mistake of not ordering it. I thought it was going to be around all the time and nope :(

so sad

Shawnystheone said...

Man that sucks, I think Im going to order some and liquify it down with some castile soap and other goodies

street froetry said...

i did NOT know you had a blogger :-P i'm off to do my monthly protein treatment :D

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