Thursday, August 27, 2009

100 Day Challenge

I think at times, we all get so caught up in our natural hair that we have no time to actually enjoy the journey. I love my hair , I mean I am really having a love affair with it. Do I want longer hair , heck yes!! I however have the type of hair that breaks easily and doesnt retain its full length because Im constantly in it. I have had really long hair in the past but It was an extension of me, I wasnt the real me and now that Ive found it I cant stop falling in love day after day.

Well Im taking a short break from styling my hair with kinky twists , mini box braids, and finally twists. For 60 days I will attempt to keep my kinky twists in , then move on to mini box braids for 30 days , and the final 10 days I will be in twists.

I started the challenge August 21st 2009. On my fotki it says August 15th because thats the official date on Nappturality.

So far my routine has been to spritz my kinkys with Oyins hair juices, Im almost running out so I will be making my own recipes for my flaxseed spritz starting tonight.

I will use chamomile, nettle, roses , horsetail and lavendar and simmer for about 30-60 minutes on low heat. I don't want to cook up all the water , then strain them out.After that pour the tea back into a pot, and measure out about 3 tablespoons of whole flaxseeds, pour the flaxseeds into the infusion and simmer for another 20 minutes. I can add more water if I want thinner consistency after 20 minutes on medium heat, the water should change texture, but it should be liquid enough to strain easily too. and then I can add some humectants. like maybe honey or glycerin, and castor oil, jojoba oil and some essential oils too.


Amina said...

best of luck during the 100 challenge!
Your herbal spritz sounds so yummy!!

Shawnystheone said...

Im pretty sure it might work for your babylocs too, not to keep them moist but to remoisture already moist hairm, like a light leave in

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