Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thicker/Thinner Batches

Qhemet Biologics has this on their questions page and I think it helps a lot with answering questions about the same product looking different when you order it again.
Q: Why is this product slightly thinner/thicker than the last one I received? A: QB products are made fresh using natural oils and thickeners so slight differences in texture from batch to batch will occur. This will not affect performance. A thinner batch will thicken over time as is the nature of certain emulsion systems.

When I get home I will post a picture of the differences between my first container of PUR Whipped Gelly and the new one I received today. I haven't used it yet, I will test it out this weekend but I'm very disappointed by appearances. I hope the product works the same when I try it out. The first jar I could turn the product upside down and it wouldn't budge, yet if I stuck my finger in some it would cling and dissolve into my hair. I opened the new jar as soon as I received it and the product literally moves inside the jar, which I'm not fond of. The smell is different as well. The older jar has a hint of fragrance ,this jar the vanilla scent is very powerful. *
* It could be due to the weather so I will stick it in the fridge a little and see if it firms up

Well it looks like the reason the two look different is because she changed the ingredients. The first PUR Whipped Gelly has Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice, Coconut Oil , Glycerin, Avocado oil, and a essential blend. ( this is the bottom two pictures, notice how firm and compact the gelly looks)

This new PUR Whipped Gelly has Aloe Vera Whole leaf Gel, Coconut oil, almond oil , Herbal oil complex, and Vanilla Essential oil ( this is the top two pictures, notice how it looks like the consistency of yogurt)
Well I haven't used the new one yet so I have to reserve judgement until then but I'm not a happy camper at the moment.

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Amina said...

oh no....
I wished products were consistent but yes you never know what you might get with handmade products

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