Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Project Junkie or Not accepting your hair type?

Someone asked me a question thats basically summed up as, " Why do you keep purchasing products if you've found what works for your hair"? My immediate answer was, " I love trying out pomades, butters, and oils" . If I bought shoes all the time , why would I keep buying the same shoes even though they are comfortable. I like variety. Well my friend said, " Do you keep trying different things because you want your hair to look a certain way, and because you haven't found that special product are you unconsciously buying new products hoping for that"?

I actually had to think about it deep down. I wouldnt mind if all the textures on my hair were 4A ( if you believe in typing). It would make wearing a wash n go so much easier and I could wash my hair every morning and not have to dread detangling as much as I do now. I could wear a wash n gonow and have it look nice but I dont like how 1 inch of hair looks on me. I never have, plus my hair tangles upon itself so I have to nix that idea in the bud.

What it boils down for me , is I like variety and I love finding different things that work for me from different vendors.

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Amina said...

those are great questions!
Like you, I love variety. I will be bored if I used the same thing over and over. Plus each vendor brings something different.
Since I don't go to the hair salon anymore, treating myself to hair products is more fun and less expensive than the salon:)

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