Friday, July 24, 2009

My Routine

Well I really don't have a set routine , I wash when I feel like it , I don't shampoo though. I have in the past used Blended Beauty's Soy Shampoo, but I cant shell out $18 bucks for 8ozs every month, so I stick to co washing , or using my bentonite clay to wash , or doing an ayurvedic tea rinse. They all get my hair clean and keep it soft and moist.

If Im in mini box braids I can cowash every day, moisturize with a hair lotion, and seal with an oil. If not I usually cowash every two weeks, and rock , twists, twistouts, braids out, and a puff. Im not good with sticking to protective styling. Which is why I dont retain my full length probably lol. At this point im not too worried because my hair stays soft and I can do all the styles I want except a full bun.

I either air dry my hair overnight in big braids and the next day rock a puff until I get home , or wear a braid out until I come home and then I two strand twist my hair. I moisturize daily because my hair feels better when I do. When I start to shed I throw in a little protein. Either henna or protein conditioner.

I use any of these weekly for moisture, Karens Hair milk, Afrodetangler, QB's cocoa tree detangler, Amla and Olive Heavy cream, Burdock Root butter cream, Amla pomade, Afrovedas PUR Whipped Jelly ,for twisting I also use anything of these in combination with each other.

I usually use a creamy moisturizer and seal with Hairvedas Cocasta oil to twist. Sometimes I use Ashas Main attraction , Heavenly Hair Creme, Shea What Pomade, Avedas Brilliant Pomade, Darcy Botanicals Madagascar Vanilla Styling Creme, or Organic Coconut butter pomade to twist with. Can you tell I like pomades?


Amina said...

oh yes...we are pomades gal!!!
So how do you do the tea rinses?
Could you tell us more which powders do you mix?
Thank you

Shawnystheone said...

You know Im a sucker for a pomade lol, I always mix Amla, Shikakai, Brahmi and Aritha mixed together. I have purchased some Maka and Im waiting for that to come in.

Amina said...

thank you :)
I am taking notes! I can't wait to play with the powders :)

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