Friday, July 24, 2009

Battle of the Gellys

I am in love with Afrovedas PUR Whipped Gelly. I mean this stuff is out of this world. I'm kind of scared though because I purchased my original jar in October of 08, and since then I heard she changed the fragrance but then changed it back. When I sent in my review of the product to her site I beggggged her not to change anything , well I just placed an order three days ago and I'm nervous about how the product will come. I'm praying its the same and works the same.

Well last month I ordered some Whipped Clouds from Hairveda and decided to try their Whipped Gelly . Well Hairvedas has nothing on Afrovedas Gelly. Afrovedas is thicker BUT it goes on light and airy , Hairvedas Gelly is thinner and moves in the jar which I don't like because I spilled some.

Well I did my friends two strand twists with the whipped clouds and the Hairvedas gelly and it was the BOMB. Her twists lasted for 2 weeks , they were shiny and clumped together. Her hair type to me is 4A all the way. My hair type is that some of my head is a 4A, most is 4B ,and the rest is mixed in with 4C ( Cnapp) . I tried the gelly on my hair and it wasn't as moist. Even when I used the whipped clouds with it. I just think its too thin for my hair . The whipped clouds alone did the job better.

So my staple PUR whipped Gelly wins out.


Amina said...

I hope she didn't change the fragrance either or just offer unscented products....
Her products are wonderful!
You never told us how you found out about it.

Shawnystheone said...

I saw a youtube review and the girl showed how the Gelly looked in her jar and I wanted to cry LOL. My Gelly and even the teaspon I have left looks like fluffy coolwhip, Her Gelly looks like watery flax seed gel. It might have been the camera so Im doing to wait until it arrives before I panic

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